Saturday, 9 January 2016

 big changes coming soon. ...
 this page will list many retreats and instructors for lucid dreaming...

I have decided to start teaching lucid dreaming on a more personal level to individuals. Because I believe this should help people much faster to be able to get their first or their next lucid dream.

   I really believe Skype face to face video chat would be the best way to go about this and make it more personalized, so to fit the lesson better to each individual. I am confident I can give people what they need to get much closer to their desired goal in only one hour.
  You have probably seen many others who charge large amounts for this type of instruction but I think it better to be focused on being good at it and successful and the best  available price at only £5 an hour for the first lesson, with the opportunity of free follow ups after the first hour if needed.

Also the opportunity for it to be totally free.
There are 2 ways to get it FREE 1 is buy something on Amazon the second is quote this reference code.  EHZX123
(lucid dreaming books here)
you will need to sign up using a real email so I can contact you to organize this  GO HERE 
For full info and instructions how to get started CLICK HERE

Quality is more about the results than how much right.

See the video playlist at the very bottom of this page for my number 1 pupil and younger brothers YouTube tutorial on the basics on Lucid Dreaming before you apply for further help.

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